International Student Health Insurance
Sanitas International Students is a medical insurance for foreigners studying in Spain between the ages of 14 and 35.
Exclusive Advantages

Sanitas International Students meets the visa requirements of the Embassy of Spain. Our product provides extensive health care coverage without any co-payments or limitations, ensuring you receive comprehensive medical assistance right from the start.


Outpatient care

Primary medicine and specialties. Diagnostic tests and therapeutic methods.

Digital coverage

24-hour emergencies by videoconsultation, digitalized health plans and by videoconsultation.

Hospital care and surgery

Surgical interventions. Hospitalization.

Sanitas dental 21 (included)

Take care of your mouth with the Sanitas guarantee. Milenium Dental Centers and national network of dentists associated with Sanitas Dental 21.

Travel assistance

Emergencies in foreign travels.

Repatriation coverage

In case of death.
Sanitas International Students insurance is adapted to the requirements of the student visa required to enter Spain, which are:
• The student will have to have a complete health care insurance
• The insurance must not have co-payments
• It cannot have waiting periods so that the student can enjoy the services from the first day.- In addition, repatriation coverage must be included.
Get Insured
Requirements to contract the product
Be between 14 and 35 years old.
Present residence card or passport.
Provide the accreditation of studies to be taken.

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