Everything you need to know about the San Fermin festival

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One of the most awaited festivities during this month is undoubtedly San Fermin. Celebrated in Pamplona, it is one of the most famous festivities worldwide. This year it will be celebrated from July 6 to 14 and these are days where the festivities do not stop for NINE DAYS!!! Yes, you read that right NINE DAYS!

It is a party that is suitable for any type of public and that you must live sometime in your life; but first you must know some details to live the experience to the fullest.

What is the famous running of the bulls?
It is the most famous event in these fiestas where six bulls are released and the 875 meter run to the bullring begins. The duration usually lasts between 2 and 3 minutes and the danger and adrenaline increase exponentially as the bulls run free.

How to run?
If you plan to be part of the bullfight, inform yourself about the aspects of the race beforehand to avoid any kind of accidents.

Where is the party?
In the streets, it is very common to celebrate, dance, sing in the streets of the city.

5 Things you should know:
1. This tradition is believed to have started since 1385
2. There is a traditional song called "la canción del encierro" which is sung 3 times before each bullfight.
3. The butchers of Pamplona started this tradition.
4. It is illegal to take selfies during the event
5. The festival honors a saint

Don't forget to wear your red scarf and enjoy this great event, remember that you are the protagonist!

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