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La idea de estudiar en el extranjero es un plan con el que todo aspirante a estudiante de un posgrado ha soñado alguna vez.
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La idea de estudiar en el extranjero es un plan con el que todo aspirante a estudiante de un posgrado ha soñado alguna vez.

The idea of studying abroad is a plan that every aspiring graduate student has dreamed of at one time or another, the possibility of being able to travel to an unknown place, learn new things, make friends and create unforgettable memories... all of this has surely crossed your mind at one time or another.

All this excitement can suddenly fade away when you think of the endless options of destinations, study programs and universities to choose from. Don't panic, we can help you narrow down your options! Before choosing a graduate program at a recognized university, you should take into account the following aspects:

How relevant is the content of the program to your education?
Remember that the purpose of a master's or doctoral program is to make you acquire more skills, competencies and knowledge that will enrich your profile.

How up-to-date is the syllabus?
Review the syllabus and make sure you know the subject matter of the classes within the course and assess whether that information would be more relevant today.

Is it a master's degree or a university master's degree?
If you don't know the difference, read on!
- Own master's degree: They grant expert and professional degrees in the given sector; they are always postgraduate.‍
University master's degrees: Those that grant bachelor's degrees, engineering degrees or diplomas.Are there financing options or scholarships you can apply for.Investigate if the university you wish to apply to has financial aid you can apply for.Don't be in a hurry!

Once you have thought about the skills and knowledge you would like to learn, it is time to choose the setting for your adventures; have you ever thought about doing a master's degree in Spain? Undoubtedly, this country is a great destination not only for tourists who want to try paella or tortilla de patatas, but also for its wide academic offer. Here are the 20 best Spanish universities in 2021, according to Forbes magazine:

  1. Universidad de Navarra.
  2. Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
  3. Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.
  4. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
  5. Universidad Nebrija.
  6. Universidad San Pablo-CEU.
  7. Universidad Pontificia de Comillas.
  8. Universidad de Salamanca.
  9. Universidad de Sevilla.
  10. Universidad Europea de Madrid.
  11. Universidad de Almería.
  12. Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio.
  13. Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera.
  14. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
  15. ESIC University.
  16. Universidad Internacional Isabel I Castilla.
  17. Universidad de Valencia.
  18. Universidad Camilo José Cela.
  19. Universidad de Vigo.
  20. Universidad Católica de Ávila.


The end is here, and so is the time to make your decision. You may have already realized that the options to study in Spain are, besides infinite, highly competitive, so we suggest you to do your research, prepare your applications and, of course, come to us to start your process.

Dare to make your dreams come true!

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