How do I adapt to nightlife and leisure in Spain?

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Spain's nightlife and entertainment are world-renowned for their diversity and vitality. However, it can be difficult to adapt to the customs and traditions of a new country. We give you some tips to help you get used to the nightlife and entertainment in Spain.


One of the most important things to consider is dinner. In Spain it is normal to eat later than usual, sometimes even until 22:00 or 23:00. It is also common to have an aperitif or "tapas" in a bar or restaurant before dinner. Don't be surprised if people start leaving at 11 pm or later.‍Another thing to keep in mind is Spain's party culture.

Spaniards tend to party often and passionately, whether at block parties or nightclubs. If you want to join the party, make sure you have energy and patience, as the festivities can continue into the wee hours of the morning.‍Additionally, tourism is a big part of Spain's nightlife and leisure, so you're likely to find a wide variety of travel options. From visiting historical monuments and museums to enjoying a flamenco show or watching a soccer match.

Amigos disfrutando de una fiesta

It is also important to research where you want to go. Many bars and clubs have special days or themed events, so it is important to know what they offer. Some locations may also require reservations or waiting lists, so it's important to plan ahead.‍

Spain has a lot to offer for you to have a warm and very enjoyable stay.  If you are not feeling well, don't feel pressured to follow the Spanish nightlife, but being open to trying new things and different options will help you adapt more easily.‍

If you want to live in Spain and enjoy all it has to offer.

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