5 tips for taking out student travel insurance

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Are you going on a study trip and you already have everything ready? Surely in your mind you have already made a list with everything you need: admission to the university of your choice, accommodation, plane tickets... but what about travel insurance? If you still have doubts about what it is, how to contract one, what details to consider when contracting it or even what services it covers, keep reading and we will tell you everything!‍Student insurance, or also known as ERASMUS insurance, is the insurance policy that will cover the medical expenses you require during your stay in a foreign country; it can cover aspects such as surgical operations, hospitalization expenses, pharmaceutical expenses and even dental expenses. Here are some aspects to take into account before contracting your student insurance:

1. Analyze the environment of your destination country.

You should research very well how the health system works in the country as well as other practical aspects such as whether the health services are public or private, what the average cost of medicines is, etc. This will allow you to have a broader picture about the lifestyle you will have when living in your destination.

‍2. The number of people the insurance would cover.

You may be going on a family trip, so you will need to be aware of how many people the insurance covers. In case you are traveling alone and only require insurance for one person, have you thought about what would happen in case a family member needs to come to your assistance? Some companies also cover transportation and lodging expenses for family members.

‍3. Coverage by Covid-19.

Make sure the insurance includes new Covid-19 regulations and policies: quarantine, hospitalization, testing, etc.

‍4. Expandable insurance.  

We admit it...we also fell in love with our destination and decided, last minute, to stay longer! In case you want to extend your stay abroad, choose an insurance that allows you to extend your policy.

5. Sports coverage.

If you are passionate about sports or if you like to enjoy new experiences, look for a good insurance that will support you in case you practice high-risk sports. Don't let your insurance stop you from doing what you love! If you still have doubts about how to get insurance, at Glex we can help you with this process,  discover how easy it is!

At Glex we specialize in making dreams come true.

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